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Wood Ring Care

Wood ring care, why should you care?


Your Wood Ring is very strong, durable and meticulously hand crafted. It is however important to remember that the natural uniqueness and richness of wood with its Eco-Friendly & hypoallergenic qualities also means it is a material that naturally absorbs and lets out water and it will require gentleness and maintenance.

Wood Ring Care 101


Moisture and chemicals are wooden jewelry (as with most wooden products), biggest enemy. Although we treat our rings to make it water resistant, it is not waterproof.

Unless otherwise requested by the customer, we treat our rings with a combination of Mineral oil and beeswax (we use Planki Wax) before giving it a final polish on the outside serface with Carnauba Wax.


Here are a few basic suggestions of wood ring care to prolong the life and natural beauty of your wooden ring:

  • If you find that your fingers have swollen and your ring is a bit tight, rather than risk scratching the ring by trying to pull it off forcefully, try running your hand under cold water. Use a little bit of soap or cooking oil and gently work the ring off your finger. Then dry your ring.
  • Dry your ring if it gets wet. It’s best not to wear your ring for showering, bathing, swimming or dishwashing although a quick hand wash is quite acceptable.
  • Even more important than avoiding moisture, is to avoid exposure to antibacterial wipes or soaps, sprays, cleaners, perfumes or harsh substances like isopropyl alcohol, mosquito repellent, sunscreen or hair products and these days, hand sanitizers.
  • The finish protects your ring from ultraviolet light and rapid changes in temperature, but it is best to avoid leaving your ring in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Do not wear your ring in gloves or in conditions where it is subjected to constant moisture.
  • We recommend removing your wood ring before working with abrasives and doing any heavy lifting, gym work etc.

In short, if you want to make your ring last longer, then minimize its exposure to moisture. It can be a challenge to train yourself to take off the ring now and again.


Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Clean with a dry, soft cloth.
  • If your ring has a wooden core, you can wipe it with some coconut oil, beeswax or food grade mineral oil (we recommend Planki Wax).


Although we cannot promise you that our rings will last FOREVER, we can say that they are surprisingly strong and durable and will bring you lots of joy for a long time, when well looked after.



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