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What ring size?

How to determine the ring size...


Although it is better to find your ring size by having your finger measured or to fit the actual ring, it is not always possible or practical.

To determine what ring size to order is really not that difficult.

There are 2 ways find your ring size:

Measure the inside of a ring that fits


Measure the finger

We are going to show you how to measure your finger or ring in a few easy steps.

Don’t worry if  you order the wrong ring size by accident, we will exchange your ring for the right size.

T&C’s apply

Ring Size Chart Circumference

If you have a ring that fit

You need to determine the inside diameter of the ring and use the chart above, to find the corresponding US Size.

To find the inside diameter of the ring, you can simply measure it with a ruler

or you can print this


and fit the ring on the template to find the size.

Make sure you print the PDF as the “actual size”!

Ring Size Chart Diameter

To measure the finger

You need to determine the circumference of the finger and use the chart above, to find the corresponding US Size.

To find the circumference of the finger, wrap a piece of string loosely around the finger. Make sure it fits over the joint. Take a pen and make a mark where the string crosses. Measure the distance between the pen marks.

Or you can print this finger sizer


and watch the video below on how to measure your finger.

Need help?

If you are not sure about the size, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

We will help any way we can.

Messages sent after hours will be answered as soon as possible.

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Our Hand Crafted Ring Categories

Solid Wood Rings

Wood Rings

We make our wood rings from two pieces of solid wood, Reclaimed Teak for the core and the preferred hardwood for the outer sleeve.

Authentic, 100% natural style

Wood Inlay Rings

Wood Inlay Rings

Each wood ring is individually hand crafted with great care and passion. The distinctive nature and grain of every piece of wood ensures an unique, one of a kind ring.

Bespoke – made just for you!

Acrylic Stone Inlay Rings

Acrylic Stone Inlay Rings

We have the widest variety of colors and textures available.

These rings are impervious to hand sanitzers and detergents.

No need to ever remove your ring

Custom made bentwood rings

Bentwood Rings

Our Cored Bentwood & Resin Rings are handcrafted with a reclaimed wood core, layered bentwood & resin.

A beautiful wood ring with a splash of color.

Custom made wood & paper rings

Wood & Paper Rings

Handcrafted Colorful Wood & Paper Rings

Each ring is one of a kind with a unique pattern and color combination.

Classy & Colorful