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What is my Ring Size

What is my Ring Size?

You don’t realy need to know the right size, you can simply buy the ring that you want in all the different sizes.

Just kidding!

Don’t worry, we sre going to help you determine what size to order. 

There are 2 ways to find your ring size

Measure a ring that fits


Measure the finger

Ring Size Chart Circumference

If you have a ring that fit

You need to determine the inside diameter of the ring and use the chart above, to find the corresponding US Size.

To find the inside diameter of the ring, you can simply measure it with a ruler

or you can print this


and fit the ring on the template to find the size.

Make sure you print the PDF as the “actual size”!

Ring Size Chart Diameter

To measure the finger

You need to determine the circumference of the finger and use the chart above, to find the corresponding US Size.

To find the circumference of the finger, wrap a piece of string loosely around the finger. Make sure it fits over the joint. Take a pen and make a mark where the string crosses. Measure the distance between the pen marks.

Or you can print this finger sizer


and watch the video below on how to meausure your finger.